MENTORSHIP- Provide guidance and opportunities to local youth through building relationships taking action

-Form close, enduring connections between mentors and youth that foster positive developmental change.  We strive for strong connections that are characterized by mutuality, trust, and empathy. 

 TUTORING- Provide academic support, customized classes and assistance in college applications

 -Tutor high school students a Pacific Valley School and Big Sur Charter School

 FARMER’S MARKET- Create Community through food and art 

-Improve local food system and local economy through food and art markets for local farmers and artists


 YOUTH CONFERENCES- Work with other local non profits to create youth forums

-Create a safe space for dispersed young people to connect and plan projects to help their community and environment


Community Advocacy- With no local government, BSEC is taking on the role as an advocate for the public good.

                LUAC- BSEC advocates for the community in the process of reviewing permits and developing the new land use plan.

BSMAAC- BSEC advocates for the community – urging decision makers to act of issues such as affordable housing and lack of infrastructure (bathrooms, etc…)


AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT- Provide exposure and experience to educational activities and vocational skills

 -Art, Gardening, Theater, Dance, Hiking, Nutrition, Games, Leadership/Civic Engagement, etc…

 COMMUNITY CENTER-Create a space for youth and families to gather

-Gathering space for music, food, special events, local artisans and craftsman to share with each other